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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Not a lot happened - but it happened suddenly

Well again its been a while, things happen, time passes and work happens, days goes by.
 Its still dark-ish and coldish, we saw an eclipse – missed the Northern, a bit southern, Lights, shame that.

The beer I made is very drinkable but will benefit and improve further from another few weeks given its strength if it gets the chance. 

Been to Cosmeston, a few more bird shots. A Wren, this one is very much work in progress, not happy with it but a big step up from previous attempts.

The Jays are still proving to be shy – so far this is the best but I intend to get better – time and patience will tell

The Coal Tit was not happy, they are very nervous of the bigger tits and the Nuthatch was busy nicking all the sunflower seeds. 

Not to mention the big grey ones eating anything and everything !

At this point there were two Nuthatches going for the seeds and this one was not happy about it.

I am going for more ‘in habitat’ shots 

We can all recognise the Blue Tit and the Great Tit

Even Magpies are less than co-operative here, top of the trees so far is all I get

Done better with the Great Crested Grebes this time around

The Dog Violets are out and the ‘prunus’ trees are in flower, the ferns are starting up again, love the way you can see the cell walls in the strands

A few reminders of the last autumn are still about like this Cow Parsley seed head and a mixed message from the dog rose, last year – this year

In all been a nice couple of weeks moving into a real spring, now for summer to deliver !

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