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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Its been a month .... so I guess I had better do something!

Blimey, its been nearly a month, ah well time flies when you are having fun, so not sure where the last 4 weeks have gone!

Anyway, what have I been doing, well I finally got a beer on – I was looking to make a mid range IPA with a single hop and a single malt, so much for plans – dual hops and dual malt – came out at 7.5%abv. I decided to call it Hodge Podge IPA. It has not cleared down as quickly as the others, but I suspect that is the Windsor yeast. I moved it into the bottle last week and it needs two weeks in the house to bottle condition then two weeks in the garage to chill and finish the condition – then at that strength it will need at least another month to start to mature to be a reasonable drink, I doubt it will last that long, after all you have to sample it don’t you ?

We have been to Cosmeston a few times so a few pictures below, no particular order just some nice ones I like and feel worth showing to anyone who wants to look.

I have joined the local Camera Club, after 25 years or so thought I may as well. I used to be in the St Athan club when it was based on the camp and have now joined the Vale photographic Club, http://www.vale-photographic-club.co.uk/about.html 

I was pleasantly surprised to see Cled and Pam Lewis there – they were members of St Athan while I was there as well so a nice link for me to my past photography and really nice to catch up with them

It does mean I have to consider prints and competitions on themes, I am not sure how many I will enter but its good to look at my photography from a formal club perspective and gain outside review critique.

Anyway, a few pictures as I said

I like Gulls, bags of attitude and great to photograph in flight

 Everybody loved a Blue Tit, these guys were really happy to come in close for food 

This was a bit of a nice surprise - a female Reed Bunting out in the open and not skulking in the reeds

The gulls cruise around the edges of the reedbeds, I assume it is to ambush coots or ducks to steal food, early morning mist makes it very ethereal

Another early shot - the crow at the top of the tree makes the shot for me

 I called this one 'Opposites Attract' I like the soft feather against the harsh spines of the Teasel, and it just had to be back lit, well didnt it ?

One for fun - titled 'Okay own up, who hid the nuts?'

This fella is a really great little bird, a Nuthatch, he was determined to get his share of the peanuts

All the above were taken at Cosmeston, this however is Aberthaw beach, the sunset was good and there is nearly always a fisherman for foreground / mid ground interest

 My latest Theme is 'Dereliction' I have a few shots for this, I am playing with it in colour instead of the expected Black & White, this is a old abandonded aircraft Hangar door - even the grafitti is derelict !

An old building - single story that has been derelict for a while 
 A local pub / diner that has been closed for a long time and is now the subject of a lot of vandalism, just liked the new look to the brickwork but the clear dereliction on the window and door and the missing letters above the door

 And last but not least - a door. It looks like it is old, tired and well worn. Hmm sounds familiar.

Thats it for now hope you like them or at least find them worth a comment

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  1. I really like the bird studies, they're so vibrant. I'm half expecting the Bluetit to hop along the branch.