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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Family Holiday 2014

We were a bit pushed for time off this year with my work, Eleanor not being well, Verity being at University and Yoke’s work but in the end we had a week out for the 1st week of September. Given the finances it was decided a week in UK was best value for little money so then it was ‘where to go?’

It was deemed a bit unfair to go to Cornwall with Verity being there in Uni and we all had fond memories of Charmouth from a camping holiday we had there quite a few years ago, so the decision was made. Dorset it was to be, Jurassic coast between Lyme Regis and Weymouth. In the end due to when we could book somewhere we ended up just a bit north of Beaminster. The Granary cottage, the owners were very nice and friendly and it was a nice location and very relaxing.

Much scouring of maps and ‘things to do’ etc and plans for the days were made, Fossil hunting on the beach, Gardens, more fossil hunting on the beach, more Gardens, a day in Lyme Regis, a day at Escot to introduce Verity to some red Squirrels, some general bimbling and lots and lots of photos.

I think it was a success, the weather held and we had some lovely days, saw Red Squirrels, found fossils, saw the highest powered fountain in England at 160ft. Took ‘just a few’ photos, this update will be split into a few sections I think. 

A random set of images in no particular order

 An Allium seed head - love the alien faces

 Beach Huts at Charmouth

  Bridge over a stream in Abbotsbury Sub Tropical gardens

Swathes of yellow 

The Devils cows !


Guerilla Knitting in Lyme Regis

Gulls on those lamposts

Lantern flowers

 Common Lizards, these little fellows were about 2-3 inches long - total

Watching you, one of the owls in the Escot

Dew on a spiders web

Spindle berries

Red Squirrel at Escot

Dried Seaweed on a rock - a little tree

The girls enjoying the sun

Three little piggies

Waiting for his princess

Any one that kills a fly is a friend of mine

And another web - no spiders due to my audience dont like them

A photo session - one feeds the others clicks

Next episode will be posted later


  1. Awww, your girls are just like you, with their cameras :) Fab pictures!

    1. thank you, seem to have created a tribe of camera monsters, next section of photos to follow