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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Malvern Autumn Show

For a change we did the Malvern Autumn Show on Saturday instead of Sunday as it is a family birthday celebration on Sunday.

It was, as usual, a great day out. Although it has to be said,  the weather man lied like a cheap NAAFI watch and the sun never made it out to shine on us despite the promise of 3 hrs or more of clear skies and sunshine around midday.

It was not cold and it did not rain so a grudging 5/10 to the weather man - everyone enjoyed a bit of a sit down at some point 

taking a break

 I picked up some Hops in a bag, a Hop spray for £5, so a brew will be on at the end of the week. Don’t really want to leave them that long as they are photosensitive once picked and over ripen and change flavour but no option I am afraid. No idea as to the type,  being a bit dim I forgot to ask ! So the brew will be will be a SMASH brew, a ‘Single Malt and Single Hop’ with a safale S-04 yeast to keep it very simple so as to see what we get taste wise.

Yoke had a list of things to get, including a Tayberry.  We actually managed to get most of the items on the list and not a lot of anything else – strange experience but hey, not complaining!

I have to say I do enjoy the breadth of the stalls and ‘attractions’ at the show, being an ex engineer I can and do appreciate the old vintage engines, the trucks, the vintage caravans etc. on a boys toyometer the tree trunk chipper has to rate a solid 9.5 out of 10 what a machine, tree in one end – wood chips out the other in about 10 seconds, awesome. No way to photgraph it well so you will have to take my word for it.

Part of an old hay bailer

all lined up

Tools for the small engines
For those that read Terry Pratchett - Night Watch - Dr Lawn may come to mind !

old oil cans - anyone for Steampunk !
  The other area that is getting very popular is the vintage cars and bikes as well as the tea dances and the 'bygone era' sales - had to photo this one, going back a long time I wanted one of these, had to settle for an original Royal Enfield 350 continental instead, ah memories.

The usual mad stunt plane did the noisy bee impression for a while, I think I got to 30 as to the amount of bags I would have filled if I was up there.

Plants galore something for every on either in a vase ( the flower show), a display ( the floral art display ) or a pot ( the nurseries).

yep - it really was that colour

 The live discussions and demos were good by all accounts but I managed to miss most of those – not exactly a skill more a recognition that others would benefit more from the space I left by not being there.

The food and drink hall was as usual filled with temptation of all kinds and more than once I was tempted to do some candid shots but refrained due to the need to explain the image captured – bratwursts in a bun should not be eaten by young ladies in public.

The Woods beer company lived up to its usual standard, honest and open publicity and good beer, I enjoyed the beer but while slightly disappointed I was in fact glad the guys were not topless – conjures up an image I would rather not have.

The vintage tractors were it strong evidence, not surprising given the location of the show, the histories were interesting to read, some had been brought over from America in the mid 30’s then after working till they stopped, slowly rotted for decades in a barn and then discovered and restored. Most difficult to capture as they are all in lines and had really ‘nasty’ fencing around them – this image was the only one I kept in the end

The normal ‘fun’ fair was in evidence, A difficult thing, I got a few shots – one I really like but it was of two children on the merry-go-round, they did not have an adult with them for me to gain permission from so I cant use the photo anywhere – a shame as they look like they are having so much fun, but the world is a sad place now, 10 years ago I would not have hesitated to take and show candid shots of this innocent childhood fun – now, no.

A giant Yellow duck on a crane, its one of those things you look at as you see it over the tops of everything else and wonder Why? so you go over to see what its about , clearly it works as an advert and once you get to see why then you understand, but from a distance, Why ?

WHY?  - well okay you can see why

 We found the Falafel man again for lunch, sadly this time he was not giving away free samples, ah well, it tasted good and was worth the money, but last time those free samples were most excellent.

The main ring was in use most of the day and a few shots were taken of the doggies and the nutters on BMX bikes, 

slightly mad but having fun
on the way to a fast clear round

oh yes !
 This was up a ramp and over the pole - you can see the spectator in the background at the top of the seating to get an idea as to the height 

and he did make it

After we left I realised I did not get to the livestock side apart from a couple of young cows in the cider area – not sure of the link but hey – girls – eyelashes like this and no mascara !

There was a cider tent, some bales of hay and lots of apples


As always the fun is watching people and listening to random snatches of conversation, three friends coming together with loaded trollies, ‘ah, okay how are you going to get that tree into the car ?’

 Other overheard sound bites from many -

‘Last year the standard roses, they were so easy to carry but had to stick out the sun roof’
On the mobile, ‘No, I am next to the big long vegetables – not the round ones’
'I told you I was here, its not my fault if you were somewhere else'

Ah, the joy of people - looking forward to next years Spring Show


  1. I love country shows but haven't been to one thisvyear. You have some amazing photos there

  2. Fantastic photos and your humour had me giggling into my cup of tea this morning, the thought of 30 bags, not an ideal image over cornflakes but very funny :)

  3. thank you, glad it made you laugh - life it about laughing when you can and if i can provide a reason, then I feel thats added value to life for everyone

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