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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Spider alert - leave now if you dont like them

It was a funny weekend, we went to Malvern for the Spring show on Sunday, it was nice, a bit overcast and windy and it did rain in the end. We got a few plants we wanted and had a nice day though; it is really well worth the visit a huge range of stalls for everything gardening, and then some.

I took Monday off and it was a better day – decided to go and do a bit of macro photography – a splendid magazine I get 

My thanks to my lady for the subscription as a birthday present. It has a monthly competition and this month is macro insect photography. My kind of photography, so off I went to  a local nature reserve called Aberthaw, initial view was to get pictures of damselflies and dragonflies, given the competition and time of year my expectation is that lots of people will go for the ‘pretty’ ones butterflies, dragons etc. 

So I decided to go for some of them to see what was about, to see what I could get and to record them for the British Dragonfly Society,

But also I wanted a few other insect groups not so favoured – so Spiders and Beetles!

They really are fantastic and the few I found to photograph were really interesting
In all a nice day and the weather was sunny if a bit breezy – that made close up shots ‘interesting’! but it was a great day out and a really nice day off

Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense
This one is quite variable in the Thorax colour
Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans
as you can see here - the top one is the 'normal' thorax colour the lower is a pink variation
Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans

Common Blue female Polyommatus icarus
This lady was so busy feeding she ignored me totally - she is on Hawthorn
Holly Blue female 1st brood Celastrina argiolus

spider on the web - not identified
Look at the legs on this one - but dont worry the spider is only 7 - 11 mm
Orb web spider Tetragnatha extensa

This one is from below the web - I think it is a really lovely spider
Tetragnatha extensa

This is sweet - its a buttercup so you can see how small it is dont think it has a common name
Theridion sisyphium
And finally a Green tiger beetle - this is a fast predator, awsome colours on it
Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris
overall a great day with some good photos to put into a folder to review and then finally at the end of the month select a few to enter into the competition


  1. You would get on with one of my oldest friends, Lorna, she takes some amazing photos of insects and is just coming to the end of her 2nd yr on a photography course; akin to A level I think. She is in Essex, but don't hold that against her :P she doesn't blog and I don't think you FB which is a shame, I must post her your blog link. Amazing pictures, I get that long legged spider in the house, don't like spiders but I do like that one!

  2. must admit it is a beauty, legs long enough to make a model cry