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Monday, 5 May 2014

And back to the waterfalls, then on to Cosmeston

Decided to take Yoke to the 4 waterfalls walk, so after a fab day out we got two new ‘ticks’ in the flower book, had an invigorating walk and found waterfall number 5 !

Yoke at the 2nd waterfall

The 5th waterfall - actually one of a series of waterfalls - small but nice

 a few flower shots - well you know me a sucker for a pretty flower  -

 The first one is the humble daisy - I really liked the juxaposition with the water

This was a new tick for us meadow saxafrage Saxifraga granulata

This is I think Wood Speedwell Veronica chamaedrys

I liked the dead stump in amongst the 'live' fir trees - the  shape of things to come

 And finally to make a change from Dipper - a yellow wagtail

So far I have not found any aspect of nature I don’t want to photograph, its silly but true – I love all of it and struggle to do a walk in any reasonable time as I will stop to photograph everything and when you are using a Benbo tripod and a macro lens that takes time, the tripod is awesome for wildlife macro work but putting one into place to use has been described as trying to keep an octopus in a string bag.

Decided one area I really like is Dragons and Damsels, nope not computer games but insects - so joined BDS , http://www.british-dragonflies.org.uk/
Have to say best £20 spent for a long time. Went to Cosmeston lakes to do a bit of photography, not only damsels but spiders as well, okay not everyone’s friend but I like them – they eat flies !
can not id this one at the moment

but this one is Pisaura mirabilis - no common name 

Got a lot of learning to do on all these beauties but willing to put the time in, got a long way to go with the photography as well !

This is a shot of a damsel that has just emerged and is described as teneral,

they do not have their full colour and so given I photographed them side on are almost impossible to identify at this point, fair to say they are ‘common’ as there were a quite a few dry ‘cases’ on the reeds around this area.

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