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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Just a few Bluebells then

As many know I work over in Swindon, a friend and work colleague in a conversation at work said he had gone to a Bluebell wood in Swindon and it was really pretty and the best he had seen it
Well always up for a photo opportunity so I asked where it was – its called Hagbourne Copse and it is just off the Swindon junction of the M4 by a Holiday Inn Hotel. So off I went after work, and after warning my lady I would be a bit late home, it’s a 2 hr drive from work to get home so a side trip will make it a late night, to see ‘some’ Bluebells.

Well I found it easy enough and while I have seen what are often described as Bluebell woods before I was sort of bowled over with this one. I have honestly never in all my life seen so many Bluebells in one wood. I was really happy to note they are all British Bluebells – the native variety and not the Spanish invaders. 

See for your self  - it was like this no matter where you were in of the woods.

I make no apology for the number of pictures of Bluebells ! it was stunning and the fragrance was fantastic, normally you can't really smell Bluebells but with this many and a warm evening Wow you really could smell them.


  1. Beautiful bluebells. We have a host of them...is that correct for bluebells or just daffs?...anyway...we have them here in Hereford down at the river, they are starting to go over now but they are all British bells and beautiful. Lovely photos I love the one with the single white flower.

  2. not sure heard it used for daffs but not sure for he bells had a bit of fun getting the shots as i did not have my tripod with me and it was pretty low light by the time i got there - if you look closely at the white one you can see it moved during exposure - wind and no tripod - ah well its not bad