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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back to Uni

As it’s the start of the year we had to take our youngest back to University for the new term. She is in Falmouth University doing Natural History Photography.

So fathers taxi road trip. Given the other things we had to do and the Paddington hard stare from the bank manager it was a Bilbo Baggins trip, ‘there and back again’ in one day a mere 240 miles each way, no bother.

Clearly leaving Wales to go to Cornwall is a wrench – yeah right! but given the rain was starting in the west and heading east and we would be going from ‘east’ ish to west the hope was we would run through it and out the other side to a nice afternoon in sunny Cornwall, well it sort of worked.

The decision was taken on arrival around St Austell to make a side run to the Eden Project. A firm favourite of ours, and have lunch and a photo session there for a few hrs.

For the first time in 10 years the waterfall was not working - the night before they had a major pipe failure and were getting a digger in to access the pipe for repairs, it was a bit strange as the tropical dome was very quiet - you dont realise how much the sound of the waterfall is part of the dome until its not there.

A few of my attempts at capturing the wildlife in Eden. Of course if you look there is always fungi as well.
This growing on the side of a Banana ‘tree trunk’. Hmm,  as a Banana plant is a herb, can it be called a tree and have a trunk ? 

These were growing on deadwood up near the waterfall – a large patch of them

This is a tendril of one of the prolific plants that grow to give ground cover and climb up anything

There are tiny ants everywhere - the lizards and frogs love them, I liked the pattern of the colours on this banana leaf and the few ants make a interesting addition


 And we found a couple of lizards 

 A bit of a colour cast as 'he' was under leaves in a small area but thats how it looked to the eye

Finally, thanks to Verity remembering a conversation on a previous visit - a tree frog – he was shy but smiling

 So thats it youngest back at Uni for a few months - have fun !


  1. Fab photos love the lizard under the leaf.

  2. Thank you Elaine, it was a bit of a challange to get that one without scaring the lizard as I had to get pretty close to the top leaf with the camera and it was almost touching the lens