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Monday, 17 November 2014

Trip to Cornwall for a Birthday

It was Verity’s 21st Birthday last week. Happy Birthday.

I have been struggling since early September to get her a specific present, for whatever reason the lens I wanted to get her was not available anywhere in a Nikon fit - I could get the lens to fit a Canon or a Sony or any other camera but not a Nikon, how frustrating that was.  I even looked at off shore imports from Hong Kong, I placed an order and two days later they mailed me to cancel it as they did not know when they would get stock.

This Friday I noted the firm I normally buy the photography gear from now says they have the lens - one short phone call later and it is on its way - late but at least what we wanted.

Anyway, we went to Cornwall for the weekend for her birthday and had fun. Eden was on the list for a day as was Tehidy.  There follows the usual photographs, a few fungi, and a few other bits and bobs. Oh, and it was my 57th birthday as well that weekend so a double celebration.

First - Eden 

Fungi outside on a log fence

Hover fly on Castor Oil plant

more fungi in the tropical dome

there is always a gekko if you look hard enough

water droplets on a new leaf

a very small but agile and fast jumping spider

I got into trouble for this one !

Shaggy Inkcap they were used for ink in olden days

Yoke at the waterfall relaxing

checking out the label !

Then Tehidy

bird feeding by hand take 1

bird feeding by hand take 2

having a good shout at each other

arghh my head imploded

Porcelain fungi

we like peanuts - oh yes we do

oy - he's nicked the peanuts !
 This weekend has been a bit strange for reasons I wont go into at the moment but today, Sunday, we had an afternoon out to get some fresh air - off to the Allotment to do some digging then off to Tondu for any photos we fancied or could take in the low light so long as the drizzle held off .

This image was spotted as we drove there on the approach road - a side gate into the fields. I had to double back and capture it - makes you want to know the story - or maybe not!

and finally a last fungi shot - these were all of 1.5cm from top to bottom - sweet

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