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Friday, 17 October 2014

Bits and Bobs - mostly fungi

Had a bit of a family panic last week, Yokes mum was not well and we had to go up to Lincoln, rather than sit in the hospital looking ‘spare’ I wandered off to the local nature reserve I have been to a few times Whisby - http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/whisby-nature-park

If you are ever in the area it’s a nice place to take a walk and has a nice café for a cuppa and a bite to eat as well.

Found loads of fungi this time around, some Fly Agaric, some Boletus some bracket fungi, etc. could not ID most of them positively as need to take a few more detail shots of stem, base of stem, gills etc. as a minimum and did not have time to do that but still was good to see them all.

Cep Penny Bun Boletus

Cep showing tubes

 Before anyone says anything - I found it this way, I guess there was someone before me who wanted the 'speciment shot'. I have identified them as Cep - but not 100% sure so no, I did not bring them home to eat !

 We know what these two are - Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria - pretty and poisonous - the classic toadstool 

 Not sure of this one so not putting a name to it rather than be wrong and look silly

No idea whatsoever on this one, there were a couple more very similar but cant find anything in my ref books like it

 I think to ID most of these properly I would need a spore print and a sample at home - not got either so - its a fungi !

This week at home Ella spotted this fella on the window, a cousin of one that Verity found a week or so ago in her flat in Falmouth, took a few tries to ID it but finally came up trumps – not native hence the difficulty with the ID – in the end – here is a bit of info on it http://www.britishbugs.org.uk/heteroptera/Coreidae/Leptoglossus_occidentalis.pdf

Its a invader from North America, Western Conifer Seed Bug, first found in the UK in 2007 

Finally for a nice finish, had a go at a few arty shots of the last of the Japanese Anemones. Like this one the most so far



  1. Oh wow that final shot is fantastic you could blow that up and frame it for a focal point in a modern home. Love the fungi, I love toadstools and my walk at the woods is always full of weird and wonderful shapes.

    Hope Yoke' mum is ok now.

  2. Thank you glad you like it - fungi are fun to find and photo, but a real challenge to ID most of the time. Yoke' mum is better thanks, but still in hospital, she should be out soon we hope.