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Thursday, 13 March 2014

There and Back again - a trip to Falmouth

Had to pick up youngest yesterday from Uni to bring her home en-route to a week in Iceland, so drove down from home 250 miles - picked her up and drove back, well not quite, I decided I needed lunch on the way back and detoured to Lydford Gorge. Its awsome in the sun mid week with almost no-one else there. lots of photos - mostly so - so.

The waterfall White Lady fall is nice, best part of 30 meteres in a staged drop.

Then off to the other end to see what the devil did before he bogged off to Georgia for a fiddle competition. The Devils Cauldron, getting down to it is not for the faint hearted although its safer now that the last time Yoke and I visited - then it was a couple of railway sleepers a couple of feet above the cauldron with a wire handrail on one side !

From the top 

The Cauldron

Youngest taking a few pictures

Looking into the viewing platform above the cauldron - as you can see between this picture and the one above part of the path to the viewing stage has only a handrail on the rock side

This is how the river looks as it flows into the Cauldron
Out above the caulron - down a few steps the river is a 'bit ' calmer
Wood Sorrel, Oxalis acetosella, first ones open - a bit early and very pretty

In all a nice couple of hrs realxing and taking photos and a good drive home. Now to get her to Gatwick Airport Sunday morning !

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  1. I love Cornwall.Haven't been for years. Just wish I could go and re visit sometime.