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Sunday, 9 March 2014

It was Yokes birthday on the 1st March so we decided a weekend in Cornwall was called for, not quite as luxurious as the last time I took her for a birthday surprise but a nice weekend never the less. The Secret Garden Café were doing a special evening meal on the Saturday so that was booked as the birthday meal. A Middle Eastern Mezze, lots of wonderful tastes and scents to share, the food was excellent and the presentation was lovely. A most enjoyable evening.

Part of the reason for the trip down was to kit Verity out with cold weather clothing her for her trip to Iceland – mission accomplished in Truro followed by the really pleasant evening in Secret Garden - http://www.secretgardencafe.co.uk/ as before I would recommend this café if you happen to be in Truro – really lovely folk and great food  https://www.facebook.com/secretgardencafecornwall made the day a total success.

No trip to Cornwall is complete without a visit to a garden, we planned a trip to Caerhays Castle Gardens, however on this occasion the weather was not conducive so the other favourite location was pulled into play, Eden. To be honest I cannot see myself going to Cornwall and not going to Eden so it was still a good day even the weather was better than predicted – except when we were in the tropical biome and it hammered down outside, a strange sound to hear, heavy rain on the roof while in warm tropical plantings, rainforest without the rain, just the sound effects – works for me !
A few pictures, each time I go I try to find something new I have not seen or photographed before, started outside as the birds were definitly of the opinion that Spring had arrived

Male Goldfinch
Hedge Accentor - or common name Dunnock

Black Eyed Susan
Cherry Blossom

Spathe of a flowering tree - love the pattern
My mum used to grow these - Bizzy Lizzy - but this one is rare and almost extinct on its native island

Litchen with fruiting bodies
Papaya flower with fruit showing
Peace Lily
name to be investigated !
as above !
white eyed finch feeding on nectar
why is it called white eyed - well here is why !
Verity was so happy to find a tree frog - but it would not turn around to give us a front view photo - ah well 

After this we decided that Yoke and I would have a day in St Ives then head back home. Monday is nice and quiet at this time of year so it was a relaxed walk around before heading for home and the mayhem of work on Tuesday, a few pictures – the weather held even though the dark clouds were visible most of the day.

from the car part - looks nice but may get wet

harbour with tide out

waiting for tide to come in

beach huts

was a great windy wavey day and this guy was really cutting the waves he was having serious fun.

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