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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunny Sunday

So today it was sunny, bit of a surprise after yesterday, heavy rain all day. We took the opportunity to take a walk to the coast, along one side of the valley through the nature reserve and then down to the beach and up the other side and back along the top. The catkins are out now looking fab in the sun

The seed pods of the stinkig Iris - Iris foetidissima are really eye catching with the bright orage seeds against the brown case

Some nice fungi, the first is a common sight, ‘Wood Ear’ – no longer pc to call it Jews Ear, to be honest, Wood Ear sounds better anyway as it grows on wood and under the right circumstances looks like ears on a tree, I cant ID the others as my youngest now has my reference book !

 This one was tiny as you can tell from the club moss growing on the branch with it 

The valley is starting to drain now but it was very flooded and the car park etc. was battered by waves and rocks - oh and yep its an estuary not the sea - thats England on the other side

A lot were taking advantage of the sunshine and the doggies were in heaven, this is a bit of a trial shot, sorry Verity, had to try it – yours is better but I quite like this

Then home to clear up and start on the garden to get ready for the coming growing season, the Hellebores are doing well with lots of buds, we have snowdrops open as well as cyclamen at the moment so some good colour in the garden and the birds have found the feeder out the front – its on a rose arch to help keep the cats away and next to a tree so they stage in on the tree – grab seed and then decamp back to the tree. I will be trying to gets some shots later. That’s it for now.

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