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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday 25th Bath, a Retro day

Had a great day out today, we decided to got to Bath, Yoke, Eleanor and myself. Its a lovely city with lots of very tourist things to see and do - most of which has been photo'd to death but i took a few slightly off beat to the norm shots.

                        Bath Minster from a different view to the standard happy snap

                        Rooftops often get overlooked, but its worth looking up sometimes


The circus on the way to the Royal Cresent  Its nice and features in many classic dramas

Then you have the Royal Cresent - shame but the Hotel has a lot of plastic up at the moment where the stone is being cleaned - but this sort of says it all really

Around the back of the Roman Baths there are a few nice shops as you head around to Sally Lunns - this was a 1st floor window that had been bricked up - someone had used a ladder to get up and paste this into the frame - why ? dont know, no signature, no slogan, just this. I like it.

It turned into a bit of a Retro day overall with some classic transport seen along side the new rich with their Mercs, Rollers, Astons and Range Rovers

This Lambretta was one of a pair parked up - but this one had the classic two seats, an italian flag coloured wheel cover and helmet - nice 

We went to Ask Italian for lunch - this was the table in the corner - very Sixties - just had to take a shot of it, really great looking in its place

There was some classic dining and some classic music, you really do get a better class of Busker in Bath ! it started out with classical guitarist next to the minster - he was really good, then a brass trio on the way up to the Royal Cresent, they were nice and very uplifting, then this gentleman, classic Rat Pack with a superb voice, he could have been alongside Dean, Sammy and Frankie with Louis playing away alongside.

Really, really good, while I was standing and listening one young lady stopped and when he finished a song she told him she was getting married in June and asked him if he would do a gig for her at her wedding, I hope he does, it will make it a very special day for the guests as well as her very special day that bit more special.

We decided to leave after a last walk about the alleys and headed back to the car, the weather picked up with high winds and driving rain/hail so a good call as we got to the car just before it started.
All in all a really nice day.

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  1. Have you been to Oxford and seen the rooftops there? You can go to the prison and climb the 'mound' and view all around, its brilliant, you are right rooftops are overlooked. Love the lambretta reminded me of years ago hot sun, beaches and young Italien men...well I was young then too :P