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Sunday, 20 October 2013

what to do on a grey day

So its Sunday and grey, what to do – okay – here is a clue, but don’t pick the red ones! in this case that’s Black Bryony, Tamus communis

Yep – went for a walk to the coast and collected blackberries and sloes – loads of them still around, 

We were worried we had missed the opportunity given its mid October but there was fruit aplenty.
Now, where is that bottle of Gin and/or Vodka. Half of the blackberries are in the freezer to make a compote later on, half are bubbling away with apple to make apple and blackberry jelly. The kitchen smells great.

Took a few photos on the little camera, a nice hoverfly, Syrphus ribesii it was doing its best to look like a wasp to deter predators but not fooling us,

The stinking Iris, Iris foetidissima, love the seeds, what a colour when all around is going brown

overall a nice walk and some good free food to enjoy later

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