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Sunday, 29 September 2013

We went to the Malvern Autumn show, I think this is the 3rd year we have attended, it was nice as always, it has a good atmosphere and loads to see and do - retro is really in, not only in some of the stalls but also evident in some of the visitors.

There was, as always, craft people there ranging from lampwork beads by Lush Lampwork and Fiona Sands, Woodwork, ceramics, jewellery of all types, wool,felt and multitudes of fabrics both made up into clothing and in kit form for you to make into your own creation,  breads, cakes, sweets, honey,  beer, cider, perry, meat of all sorts and cuts, - a bit of a foodies heaven really.

a strong agricultrural heritage drive was evident as you would expect with lots of old steam engines and tractors - some fantastic vintage cars and caravans as well as a 'bygone times' tent with a old fashioned tea room type of thing was also there.

The main theme of course was autum festival and harvest - its the time of apples and pears - and what you make out of them

How many varieties of apples are there - well being as apples dont seed true to parent every apple seed is a 'new' variety really but not all are worth eating or juicing etc so here are a few that are worth saving and using

Pears, well I will refrain from the old hack comment and simply say - love them all and the Perry is rather nice, they also make an interesting spirit from them.

There was of course the country 'sports' tent - whatever your views they are part of our current country life and community, for me the wildlife trusts, the hawking and the owl trust were of interest

A couple of their rescue birds, there really is no excuse for cruelty to animals, even stupidity does not cover it.The work the rescue societies do on our behalf is to be applauded and supported in any way you can, whether it is getting physically involved, financially involved or simply reporting animal abuse when you know of it - it all helps protect our wildlife and our overall environment, too many forget we are part of the environment and we damage it at our cost

A final area of interest is always the flower and vegetable shows/displays, who can grow the biggest veg etc.I really dont see the point of a cabbage that needs a fork lift truck to move it - do they eat it after - or waste the food? Does it taste worth eating - as for the biggest carrot or swede, why? Anyway, I suppose it gives a lot of people enjoyment and fun and something to do on the allotment and thats better than sitting in front of the moron box - fair enough.

One last photo for Verity, being the autumn show - halloween featured in the flower displays - a mask for halloween

Overall a really nice day out and lots of interesting things to think about, new plants for the garden and seeds for the allotment

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