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Monday, 2 September 2013

1st September

Took a trip out to Merthyr Mawr to see what we could find, it was warm and sunny with a bit of a breeze, it is a large sand dune nature reserve near Ogmore, long time ago it was part of a single dune system that stretched all the way to Kenfig see here for details -


It was a pleasant afternoon with a few nice photos taken, we found one spot  under the trees with a few shrooms

This one seems to be Death Cap - Amanita phalloides from my investigations - deadly poisonous - no cure, nice.

This one is Brown Roll Rim - Paxillus involutus, also not good for you, you may live but may not want to while it works its way through.

This is a Russula sanguinea  - no common name - not as bad as the others but you probably dont want to eat it, pretty though

a friendly little place with so much scope for 'dont get mad get even'  only joking

Anyway, moving on in the sunshine looking for other photogenic subjects I think this is my favourite of the day, right by the side of the path

Common Lizard - Lacerta vivipara, the bramble flower gives you a idea of the size  - it was curled up on one leaflet of the bramble leaf - sweet

then of course there are the butterflies - good old Common Blue , never fails to deliver when you want a photo, so long as you have patience and a slow approach

Common Blue mating - Polyommatus icarus

Now heres a Jolly Green Giant, was a bit amazed at just how large these guys are 40-55mm

Great Green Bush Cricket - Tettigonia viridissima

he was not happy to sit still and as they can bite I decided not to hold him up for a better photo

the last nice spot was a orb spider dining on a grasshopper, not nice for the grasshopper but a reasonable photo opportunity

No comon name but latin - Araneus quadratus
The quadratus is about the identifying 4 pale spots on the abdomen, the colour and other markings are variable

in all a great walk with some interesting spots - nothing rare - shrooms aside, not really rare but uncommon,  but nice.

I was actually looking for Autumn Ladies Tresses, I photographed them there about 25 years ago on slide film - pre digital - so I would like to get them again.  A very pretty flower but not easy to find - look it up to see why !

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