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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pen y Fan, in the fog

Went up Pen y Fan, its good for the mind and soul, the shots were not great as the mist and low cloud refused to move off while we were up there.

It was harder to climb this time compared to last time, but the last time was 10 years ago so I can accept that  all things considered.

The top was deep in mist and showed no sign of clearing, so after a while we decided to go back down and see what we could see at the bottom,

One from the top to show we got there

This helps to show what the path and the top was really like - note the edge is not protected in any way and its a drop from 2960 ft to 2000ft in a very steep almost vertical slope, not a good idea to get down fast that way !

The way up and down - the main path is well worn and easy to follow, the route is interesting if there is no mist to cloud the view, in our case visibility up was about 40-50yds, on the way down it was far better

This river flows along the base of the hill and has some interesting small falls

By this time the weather had changed and the top was in sun with blue skies, not going to climb back up again though !

Along the route home, the A470, the reservoirs are of note, but only lightly as the sides are very plain and populated with fishermen, this shot was at the top end of Cantref reservoir looking towards Pen Y Fan along the Gwaun Nant-Ddu ridge - Pen y Fan etc out of sight behind the oak tree

The last three shots were for me a new experinece, I merged multiple exposures together to get the fuller dynamic range of the exposure - so they may look a bit 'bright', from my memory the day did end up sunny and bright but there is always the risk that merging and creating a HDR image that looks over contrasty and bright, I hope that these are controlled enough to be acceptable to the eye.

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