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Saturday, 19 September 2015

The long lazy break

Holiday, well we all like that don’t we !

I won’t boor with lots of 'we went to' and 'we did' type of things, sufficient to say – Dorset, it did not rain and we went to a few nice places, Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Garden, Escote, Poole, Brownsea island. 

Enough of that, here are a few of my images, I took quite a few, as is my want, I processed some of them to show them here on my Blog, some will feature in Photographic Club competitions, some will simply be enjoyed by us to remind us of our holiday, I hope that you enjoy them and are tempted to look at the locations and maybe if in the area pay them a visit

The view from the deck where the Hot Tub was - and very nice it was of an evening with a glass of wine or two 

Has to be said the live in lodger was not liked by all our party 

Poole, there was a Thai festival so we had to go to that - lots of displays and food and beer, and did I mention the thai food - ooh, it was good, there was also a ladyboy show, that was interesting! 

Come rain or Shine

Enjoying the Display

Smile !

I could have been a contender !

The mermaid of Poole Harbour

Zen and the art of photography
Her nails were quite long !
 Escote has a captive Red Squirrel population and a few other displays, not keen on captive Birds of Prey, so no shots of them, the otters were cute but difficult to get good shots of really so not putting any up so its just the red Squirrel, but it is a nice place !

My Hazel nut

The insects were friendly, even the wasps waved and said hi !

Hi, welcome to Dorset, hope you enjoy your stay

Then Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Garden, if you get down to Dorset - I would recommnd this place it really is nice

Now you see me

Geranium backlit

In the jungle, a rope bridge acrose the gorge

its not wood - its a big grass !
A key place to go is Brownsea island for the indigenous Red Squirrel population, they also have a few other creatures and some seriously nice woodland and heathland

Common Darter on Bell Heather

A young Sika Deer Doe

Pheasant, wanted feeding and was not taking no for an answer !
 Red Squirrel, at their largest they are only as big as the smallest grey squirrel, on Brownsea there is a population of around 200 reds in isolation and they are wild, but with patience you can get pretty close to get nice shots of them
Wild Red Squirrel
 Hornets ! despite popular belief, Hornets are quite docile and less agressive than wasps - they are a wasp, the biggest we have here, this one landed on my daughters photo bag, I moved it onto my hand to take it off her as she is not comfortable with them, it was quite happy to wander around my hand and arm, this is as near as I get to a 'selfie' ! then I put it onto some heather - no problem, I did not feel concerned or threatend at any time by its behaviour.

 In all a good break, with some nice times and photo opportunities.

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