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Monday, 13 July 2015

Fill in Flash off camera.

Still playing with the flash set up and camera – not happy with it yet, work in progress. I am getting some interesting results but having to adapt and change things on the fly, I suspect I may well have to do that ongoing for some time.

There is so much variance in backgrounds and light between shots given the subject matter, insects in foliage that it is not going to be a simple task. The ttl flash/camera link should cope at some level but not across the range I seem to be shooting while using ‘fixed’ manual settings for shutter speed, ISO and f stop.

Some work to correct under or in some cases over exposure in Elements with the RAW file but my preference is to get it as close as ‘right’ as I can in camera first so any adjustments are minor and more cosmetic than technical.

Anyway a few shots from the last week playing with the new flash and adapting the use and setup as I go along. 

My apologies, I can never get this stupid software to evenly space things no matter how I try or retry !

An Emerald Damselfly

Okay hands up here a few Hoverlies, not go the names to hand but they are all latin - fascinating critters and a lot more 'types' than you would think ! I will simply show a few and leave it at that. While bees are our most important pollinators they are closely followed by Hoverflies so give them a thought - they are valuable to our ecosystem

 One in flight - they hover very close and then just as you get the camera onto them and focus they dart off to the side, the only way i have got this type of shot is watch them and pre focus - they tend to come back to the same place often so you can grab a shot then

its not a good day out without a spider or a beetle - in this case a crab spider 

and a longhorn beetle

There are always butterflies - in this case a Comma 

 A Small Skipper

 and finally a Common Lizard, this was as close as I could get - full frame on my macro lens

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