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Sunday, 7 June 2015

The trip that nearly wasnt

A day out was planned, headaches all round made it slightly delayed as to getting out but Cerney House is always worth a trip for any time of day.

The tulips have gone over and the Roses are yet to fill the gap fully, transition time is like edges, always interesting and always more challenging. So much at the end and so much at the new beginning gives new angles and thoughts to create images that hopefully please and maybe delight the eye.

The weather seemed to go against the prediction as we drove closer with clouds and greyness predominating the sky, but once at Cerney the wind blew them away to our delight and the sun favoured the brave.

A few images to show for the time but to be honest, the time was enjoyed and will be remembered with these images serving simply as triggers to bring back the smell, touch, sights and conversations.

The little house at the end of the path - renovated after a tree fell on it

 The have Roman Snails there - say hello to Boris 

One of the statues in the wilder part of the gardens, difficult to get a good angle on


 Thick thighed Beetle on cranesbill

 Another Cranesbill - I did not bother with the names, they have a wide variety of Cranesbills colours from dark purples to white and all the shades between

Another Cranesbill - thats the last for this trip

 Astrantia, also in a few colours - I liked the pale ones 

 Okay I fibbed,  another member of the cranesbill family but this one is Herb Robert a wild native plant

This lady was patient enought for me to take her picture up close - Hornets are very docile really and not agressive.

Another common 'weed', White dead nettle - and its not a nettle !

The common all garden Orange Tip Butterfly, just for once it co-operated and stayed still for a shot

And now the Roses, well one anyway.

 There is one with thorns worth calling thorns but it was not in flower, but wow, those thorns !

There were a few in flower but who can resist the archetypal Red Rose

I liked this, it was hidden away deep into a bush, as the sun came around it slowly came into sight

And finally, Iris's were in flower but enough of them from Rosemoor, except this one. I loved the strong leaf diagonals and then the firm upright of the bud.

I was with my lady and eldest daughter and while I was wandering around snapping images they sat, chatted, drew and wrote. In all a relaxing day as it should be.

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