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Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Walk around Tondu

Went for a bit of a walk today, the girls were at the cat shelter, http://www.bridgend.cats.org.uk/
They were having an open day and going for a record, the most people dressed up as cats at one time. Seems there is no official record so the nice people at the Guinness Book of Records picked a reasonable number as a break point, dont know yet if they made it or not.

I decided it was a good opportunity for me to take a walk and play with the camers.

So off to Tondu, as it was close after dropping the girls off. It was not a very long walk and the weather was grey mostly but a few nice views and a few photos - flies of all types !

This is a Common Darter, Sympetrum striolatum saw over 50 of them some were quite obliging letting me get fairly close with the macro lens.

After that we had this little fella - and it is a fella !

You can see why they call them Scorpion flies, probably Panorpa communis as that is the most common I believe

More walking and one of my favourite damsels

The Emerald damselfly Lestes sponsa, unusual for damsels as they hold their wings at 45 degrees rather than closed like other damsels. They are larger than most other damsels and a fabulous metalic colour.

Finally on my way back to the car, a fly - a real fly

 Cant say I like them as I dont, but fascinating when you get the detail in a macro shot, There were a lot of them about mainly flying a bit them settling until something came into their area then flew a bit more then settled again, at least they were not biting !

Finally to finish on something nice, there were a few of these about

A fresh bright Peacock butterfly Inachis Io 

In all a nice day with some good fun and a few nice photos


  1. That scorpion bug, those are the ones that give a nasty bite, right? We have lots down at the river and they are beautiful when off set against the likes of The Old Man's Beard. I hate flies, dam things that come over from the cow sheds with their sticky feet covered in poo and germs then land on my kitchen side, but up close they are amazing creatures.

  2. nope - not that i am aware of, its the horse flies etc that do that biting thing as far as we are concerned, not my favourites but fascinating when you get up close, you can see where a lot fo sci fi films got thier 'aliens' from !